Yeti announced as Austin FC founding partner and jersey sponsor

Early yesterday morning there were Twitter rumblings that Austin FC’s upcoming press conference was scheduled to announce Yeti as AFC’s jersey sponsor. Those predictions came true as Matthew McConaughey, Claudio Reyna, and other club bigwigs met with Matt Reintjes, Yeti’s president and CEO , and his retinue to announce a multi-year sponsorship. Although financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, the number floating around is $4 million per year which would put sponsorship price tag among the highest in the league.

So what to think of it all…

I texted my friend Ian on his thoughts and he replied “Kinda cool… kinda bro-ey.” Sure that’s about it right there.

Yeti makes specialty coolers and camp gear initially marketed to the outdoorsman crowd and then expanded to nature-loving millennials. There is no doubt Yeti makes an excellent product, but it comes at an arguably exorbitant price. Lifestyle is 100% a part of their brand and so, in many ways, the wedding of a lifestyle brand with an up-and-coming lifestyle sports league is a match made in partnership heaven. Not to mention Yeti is ATX founded and sold $780 million in products in 2018.

Make no mistake, this is a good sponsorship for AFC and MLS. League darling, LA Galaxy, still sport the MLM-scheme Herbalife brand on their kit. They are not alone as Real Salt Lake features LifeVantage and FC Dallas AdvoCare. As MLS moves away from the suburban soccer mom/dad crowd and towards the hipper edge of society, it’s nice to see sponsorship follow suite.

Ian followed-up his text a few minutes later: “The more I think about it, the more it’s cool.” That right there too.


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