2020 Austin Bold jersey leak

The Austin Bold will return this season in kits produced by BLK, an Australian sporting goods company. BLK is also responsible for the kits of El Paso Locomotive and the Las Vegas Lights with Las Vegas’ being among the best in the league. Incorporating exotic color palates and retro design features, BLK kits are set apart from the sometimes pedestrian offerings of the American lower leagues.

Yesterday, Las Vegas announced they will be featuring 17 different jerseys across the season, one for each home game. This is unorthodox in soccer and the zany designs befit the concept. The kits look like someone gave Jackson Pollack sprinkles and too much coffee.

Tomorrow, the Austin Bold will kick off against New Mexico United in their brand new digs. The club had wanted to reveal the jersey ahead of the season, but Coronavirus delayed manufacturing and the shipment did not arrive until earlier this week. Although there will be a full reveal before the match, one social-media happy player accidentally spilled the beans.

Here is your 2020 Austin Bold home jersey:

I am really digging this design. In this case, the Bold are living up to their name!

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